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A Foreign Affair Affiliate Program FAQ's

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Questions About A Foriegn Affair:

  • Who is A Foreign Affair?
  • How long has A Foreign Affair offered their Affiliate Program?
  • What sets A Foreign Affair apart from other dating affiliate companies?
  • I am going to be in Phoenix soon. Can I visit your offices?
  • General Affiliate Questions:

  • What is an affiliate program?
  • How much will I earn?
  • Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?
  • Does my site qualify for your Affiliate Programs?
  • How do you track visitors from my site?
  • What is considered fraud?

  • My Affiliate Account:

  • How do I check on the number of visitors I have sent?
  • What is my "Go Link" or "Go Code"?

  • Marketing and Marketing Tools Questions:

  • What forms of promotion can I use?
  • Can I market on social media such as Facebook and others?
  • What is your BEST - HIGHEST CONVERTING marketing tool?

  • Payment Questions:

  • How much money do I have to earn before I am eligible to receive a payout?
  • If I have more than one affiliate account, can you combine my payments into one?
  • What options do I have to get paid?
  • Do you offer PayPal as a payment option?
  • If I let my account become inactive will I still get paid?

  • Questions About A Foriegn Affair: (back to top)

    Who is A Foreign Affair?

    Established in 1995, A Foreign Affair is one of the first and oldest online dating companies today - largely considered the world leader in the specialty of international romance and introductions. We offer a wide variety of services and products tailored for the international dating niche. Additionally, we are one of the very few dating companies to offer international singles tours where men can visit select countries and actually meet hundreds of the women profiled on our service all in one experience. If you haven't noticed, A Foreign Affair has been featured in major media worldwide hundreds of times over the years and even featured in major movies, television shows and documentaries. During these years we have experienced untold thousands of engagements and marriages, Our success. name brand and experience provides our affiliates an exceptional opportunity to share in the long term rewards and long term success of A Foreign Affair.

    How long has A Foreign Affair offered their Affiliate Program?

    A Foreign Affair has offered it's affiliate program for 20 years - nearly since day one of their inception in 1995. A Foreign Affair's affiliate program is the LONGEST RUNNING online dating affiliate program among major dating companies of any type today! Longevity speaks to success and integrity. This is what you, as a new affiliate, will be becoming part of.

    What sets A Foreign Affair apart from other dating affiliate companies?

    This question can best be answered by visiting our "Why A Foreign Affair?" page because the list is long.

    However, in a nutshell, we will list the major reasons below with a very brief explanation:

  • Longevity. 20 years of experience and success developing and running an affiliate program - more than ANY other dating company today. We know what works and does not work. We have been there and done that. When we tell you that we "highly recommend" something, as an affiliate you should give our advice serious consideration.

  • LIFETIME PAYOUTS AND TRACKING - A Foreign Affair is the ONLY major dating company today to offer this as we do. There is NO EXPIRATION on our tracking cookies. Once a client has registered with our website YOU OWN THAT CLIENT FOR LIFE! Where nearly every other affiliate company limits you and gives you short periods of time to convert that client - A Foreign Affair gives you FOREVER! You worked hard to generate that client. You deserve the latitude of time to let the client convert.

  • Exceptionally high net conversion rate. If you are doing your best to send quality traffic, you will not be disappointed. After 20 years of experience we know how to convert your customer into long term revenue. And you have all the time in the world for them to convert. Affiliates, nearly without exception, will see their conversion rates creep higher and higher over time. This is because there is no time limit to let customers, who were not ready to convert when you sent them, CONVERT!

  • You AND your potential customers can actually CALL our offices (and get a live person answer) for questions and customer service anytime during normal business hours. A Foreign Affair does not hide behind it's website insisting on "digital" customer contact only. This means two things to you as an affiliate. First, you have the opportunity if needed to receive better support and service. However, secondly and just as important, your customers receive a higher level of customer service and confidence to SPEND MONEY! While this may seem trivial, it simply is not. This is something you should always look at when considering dealing with a company for any reason.

    As we mention above, there is a long list of valid reasons that we believe A Foreign Affair's affiliate program sits above every other dating affiliate program offered today. These are just the highlights to get you thinking about it.

    I am going to be in Phoenix soon. Can I visit your offices?

    Certainly!. Our offices are open during all normal M - F business hours. We often have clients AND affiliates visit our offices. And if you can't get to Phoenix, you will find that we DO answer our phones if you would like to call.

    Our address is:
    7320 N. Dreamy Draw Drive
    Phoenix, AZ 85020 USA
    (602) 553-8178

    Of course, if you want to discuss business it would be best if you would contact us first to be certain that someone appropriate is available to speak with you about your needs. However, if you just want to stop by and introduce yourself - and make sure we are for real - PLEASE DO! You will find A Foreign Affair to be one of the most open and transparent companies in BOTH the dating industry as well as the Affiliate Program industry.

    General Affiliate Questions: (back to top)

    What is an affiliate program?

    Our affiliate program is an easy-to-join system that enables you to earn regular paychecks by promoting one or more of our services. We have developed various programs designed to meet the distinct needs of our affiliates. You may choose to work with only one program or a combination of programs. Essentially, an affiliate program is where you become a sales agent (if you will) for us by sending us web traffic that we track and credit to you - and pay you a commission when any visitor becomes a customer of A Foreign Affair.

    How much will I earn?

    We offer among highest commission levels in the dating industry today and maintain the best possible conversion rates in order for our affiliates to earn the highest net return possible. We are the only company to offer $500.00 Romance Tour commissions and one of the few affiliate companies in any industry to offer LIFETIME payouts. In addition to this we offer a variety of earnings options as well as simple, time tested marketing tools to help you succeed. We know that our success depends on you, the affiliate, and we do our best to support you in every way possible.

    Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

    No. It costs absolutely nothing to become an affiliate. In fact you can start earning money almost immediately, because it takes just a few minutes to sign up, and only a bit longer to install the simple marketing tools that we provide for you to get started and continue building YOUR business with us.

    Does my site qualify for your affiliate programs?

    As long as you have a website that does not contain or promote illegal activity or materials or is operated in a manner that is illegal or largely unethical, you are welcome to become one of our Affiliate Partners. Some programs that we offer may be subject to a review of your website(s) and traffic sources for you to participate however this is usually a short and simple process.

    How do you track visitors from my site?

    When visitors arrive at your site, a cookie is placed on their computers identifying them as "belonging" to you. (All affiliate systems use cookie-based identification.) If the visitor comes to our site and registers or buys from us, that information is recorded along with your affiliate ID (GO code) - thus we know when one of "your" visitors buys from us, and we can calculate your commission. If a visitor doesn't buy from us the same day he was sent from your site, you may still earn a commission if the visitor comes back to us later. The cookie lasts forever, so you could still make money days, months and even YEARS later. Of course, there will be a small percentage of visitors who may "clear" their cookies and there is nothing any affiliate program can do about this. However, once the visitor has registered for FREE on our website that visitor (client) is YOURS FOREVER and locked into you even if they have not yet spent any money. When they do actually purchase you will get credit for it!

    What is considered fraud?

    You know what fraud is. If you have to ask this question then we would politely ask you to move on to another affiliate program - please.

    If you are thinking in this way, please consider that A Foreign Affair has 20 years of experience running a top level affiliate program. We have numerous alerts and cross-checks built into our system. Any affiliate suspected of fraud will have their account automatically frozen and will be subject to suspension and forfeiture of earnings as well as facing recourse to recover fraudulent earnings and potential criminal charges.

    A Foreign Affair acts in good faith towards it's affiliates and is very open and reputable with its terms and conditions. We expect nothing less from our partner affiliates.

    My Affiliate Account: (back to top)

    How do I check on the number of visitors I have sent and my sales information?

    All stats are updated daily and some are updated every so many minutes and can be checked by simply logging into your affiliate dashboard. Your stats page will reflect the up to date progress of your account as well as give you information regarding sales and earnings.

    What is my "Go Link" or "Go Code"?

    Your Go link is the link that you need to use to send traffic to our website. You will find this in your login interface under "Affiliate Stats". It contains the 5 digit account code that allows us to track all of your visitors and sales. For example "http://www.loveme.com/go/XXXXX" where "XXXXX" is your 5 digit account number. This basic link will take your visitor to our home page. If you don't use this Go link you will not get credit. If you are using our "Marketing Tools", the code you are given to copy and paste into your website will contain the appropriate "Go Code".

    Marketing and Marketing Tools Questions: (back to top)

    What forms of promotion can I use?

    The majority of our affiliates promote us by placing our banners on their sites, but you may also join chat rooms, online clubs, etc. Also we encourage our affiliates to promote their own sites by registering them in dating tops and directories.

    Can I market on social media such as Facebook and others?

    Yes. This is fine as long as the website will allow it and allow you to use your Go Link code (you will not get credit if you do not use this code). If you use this type of marketing you are expected to conform to all of the rules and policies of that specific website and you may not misrepresent A Foreign Affair in any way. This also applies to other types of posting marketing such as message boards, blogs, forums, etc.

    What is your BEST - HIGHEST CONVERTING marketing tool?

    The answer to this question is a no-brainer. This would be our Photo - Photo Iframes marketing tool. Over years and years of testing and re-testing, this tool consistently proves to be the BEST converting tool we have by a large margin (find out more about this and all of our marketing tools HERE). We have always highly encouraged all of our affiliates to use this whenever possible.

    Our second highest converting marketing tool we have is clear and simple as well. It would be your basic "GO Link" that links to our home page. We clearly understand that we do not have the "glitziest" home page that you will find presented on many dating sites. But there are numerous reasons for that. First and foremost, our home page CONVERTS AT A VERY HIGH RATE! So we also encourage our affiliates to use the simple GO link to our home page. It works!

    Payment Questions: (back to top)

    How much money do I have to earn before I am eligible to receive a check?

    All affiliates must meet a $50 payout threshold (earnings due) to receive a payout payment. If you do not meet the threshold, your profit for that month will simply roll over to your next month's earnings. Ultimately, you'll get paid for all your work. We simply have to establish some type of minimum since it costs us time and money for our accounting department to issue you your payment. If you have multiple affiliate accounts each account will have to meet the minimum threshold before a payout can be issued.

    If I have more than one affiliate account, can you combine my payouts into one?

    No, not at this time. You will receive a separate payout for each of your affiliate accounts. We are considering adding a feature for our affiliates to have the ability to combine all accounts into one, with different "Go" codes (tracking/account numbers) but this is not available at this time. If you want to use different earnings options that we now offer you must establish separate affiliate accounts for each option with a different email for each one. We are also considering some options that will allow an affiliate to add "sales associate" codes to their master "Go" code but this is also not available at this time. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

    What options do I have to get paid?

    Currently we offer payment by check via postal mail, Western Union wire and bank transfer wire. Fees may apply to wire payments and expedited delivery options. We are considering offering several other payment options in the near future.

    Do you offer PayPal as a payment option?

    We will be offering a PayPal payment option VERY SOON! Please login to your affiliate account to see if it is listed as an option yet. If it is not, IT WILL BE VERY SOON!

    If I let my account becomes inactive will I still get paid?

    You need to keep your account active, at least in a small way. If you let your account go dormant and you are sending virtually no traffic and not creating any new customers then you risk losing your commissions. There are very, very few companies of any kind (including affiliate companies) who will continue to pay you commissions if you have essentially stopped working for them. That is only fair. And A Foreign Affair offers a LOT OF LATITUDE to affiliates when determining if an account has become inactive or dormant.

    The way this works with A Foreign Affair is that you MUST generate at least three FTB's (First Time Buyers) in any given rolling 3 calendar month period (an AVERAGE of ONE per month) otherwise our system will automatically "zero" your commissions due and suspend your account from accumulating further earnings until the account begins generating the acceptable level of FTB's again. Suspended commissions CANNOT be restored and are forfeited. However, if your account becomes active again at the defined minimum levels your customer base will be restored (less forfeited commissions) and you can begin earning again just as before, of course, subject again to the conditions we have outlined here.

    It is important to note that we allow a 12 MONTH GRACE PERIOD for NEW affiliates before these conditions kick in. This gives you plenty of time to develop your business without worry of meeting minimum levels - which are very low in any event and should not be a worry for ANY affiliate who is even just casually actively working their account.

    If you have any questions or concerns about this policy please contact us. We understand that situations can arise where affiliates my need to take a leave of absence from their affiliate account. We will work with you any way we can.

    There are plenty of reasons WHY A Foreign Affair has been awarded ...


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